Fee Schedule

Point & Pay Fee Schedule

Updated April 9, 2013

Real Property Tax
2.39% of your payment amount
Example: $100 Tax Bill, Convenience Fee is $2.39 for a Total payment of $102.39.

Parking Ramp Fees
If you have a RESERVED parking space - you may renew your monthly payments online through Point & Pay. Please remember you MUST pay in 3 month increments unless otherwise approved by our office. The fee schedule is as follows:

Dollar Amount Fee
$1 - $50
$51 - $100
$101 - $200
$201 - $300
$301 - $400
$401 - $500

Increases $3.00 /per hundred

The Convenience fees are collected by Point & Pay. If you have any concerns or questions in regards to the fee please contact Point & Pay support at 888-891-6064 x 1.

Services Fee Schedule
The following chart lists the services, along with any associated fees, that are available at the Treasurer's Office two locations:
  • Elected Officials Office
    Kenosha County Center (KCC)
    19600 75th St. (Highways 45 and 50)
    Bristol, WI 53104
  • First Floor
    Kenosha County Administration Building (KCAB)
    1010 56th St.
    Kenosha, WI 53140

Service Fee Available at KCC Location Available at KCAB Location
Copies of tax bills and receipts $0.10 per page Yes Yes
Copies of tax rolls $0.10 per page No Yes
General Information N/A Yes Yes
Lottery credit addition and removal forms
(Also available at your local municipality or online)
N/A Yes Yes
NSF Fee $50 N/A N/A
Payment of property taxes - please send payments made by mail to:
1010 56th St.
Kenosha, WI 53140
N/A Yes Yes
Public access terminals N/A Yes Yes
Tax searches $15.00 per hour plus $0.10 per copy No Yes
Tax statement N/A Yes Yes