1. Administration

    Get information on all the different divisions of administration in Kenosha County.

  2. Aging & Disability Resource Center

    Browse through our prompt and easy access to information, guidance, and assistance that involves a wide variety of available services, resources, and benefits.

  3. Brookside Care Center

    Check out the Brookside Care Center, which provides high quality, affordable nursing home services to Kenosha County.

  4. Clerk of Courts

    Learn about the Clerk of Circuit County Courts and all of the departments that the clerk manages.

  5. Corporation Counsel

    Find information on the Corporation Counsel, the attorneys that staff it and what they are responsible for.

  6. County Clerk

    Learn about the County Clerk, her responsibilities, and all she does for Kenosha County.

  7. County Executive

    Learn more about Jim Kreuser, the County Executive, and what he does to improve life in Kenosha County.

  8. District Attorney

    Get details on Robert D. Zapf, the Kenosha County District Attorney.

  9. Human Services

    Find out about the large Department of Human Services of Kenosha County and all of its many divisions.

  10. Juvenile Court Intake

    Browse the Juvenile Intake pages and learn how the system works to help citizens.

  11. Land Information

    Get information on land and real estate in Kenosha County.

  12. Public Works

    Find information on the Department of Public Works what they are doing in the county.

  13. Planning and Development

    Browse through all of the different departments of Planning and Development and find what you need for your next project.

  14. Register of Deeds

    Learn about the register of deeds and the responsibilities of the office.

  15. Sheriff

    Find out all you need to know on the Kenosha County Sheriff, David Beth.

  16. Treasurer

    Learn about Teri Jacobson, the Kenosha County Treasurer, and her office.

  17. UW Extension