Information Technology


The mission of Kenosha County's Information Technology Division is to provide high quality innovative, secure, efficient and cost-effective services. Work as a team with county leadership, and stakeholders to identify best practices for services while being respectful of taxpayer dollars.

Attract and retain employees with appropriate technical skills, enthusiasm to learn, ability to teach and the passion to provide high-quality program, project, and operations services to county departments and public sector.


  • Ensure County information assets are secured and privacy protected.
  • Deliver timely and effective responses to customer requirements through teamwork and make County Services accessible.
  • Establish a technology governance structure, to provide vision, leadership, and a framework for evaluating emerging technologies. Implement proven information technology solutions.
  • Ensure effective technical and fiscal management of the Division’s operations, resources, technology projects, and contracts.
  • Improve the reliability and performance of the County’s IT Infrastructure and implements common business applications and systems to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Develop and maintain a technically skilled staff that is competent in current and emerging information technology. Along with a user community that understands and can employ modern technologies to maximize business benefits.