Traffic Safety Commission


  • Sheriff David W. Zoerner (designee Lt. Kenneth Urquhart, County Highway Safety Coordinator; term expires April 1, 2025)
  • Highway Commissioner Clement Abongwa (participation is required; term does not expire)
  • Jeffrey Marx (Education Representative), term expires May 1, 2024
  • Medical Examiner Patrice Hall (Medical Representative), term expires May 1, 2024
  • Kenosha Police Inspector Joseph Labatore, term expires Feb. 1, 2027
  • Daniel Moorehouse, term expires Sept. 1, 2025
  • Aziz Al-Sager, term expires May 1, 2024
  • Kyle Amlong (DOT representative; not appointed)
  • Joyce Murphy (DOT representative; not appointed)
  • Rick Olig (DOT representative; not appointed)
  • Joseph Davis Sr. (DOT representative; not appointed)
  • Randy Wiessinger (DOT representative; not appointed)

History & Purpose

The Kenosha County Traffic Safety Commission was created in compliance with Section 83.013 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Traffic safety commissions bring local and state expertise to the task of minimizing the incidence and severity of traffic accidents. 

The Commission meets at least quarterly to review traffic accident data occurring within the county and other traffic safety-related matters. They make written recommendations for any corrective actions it deems appropriate to the department, the county board, the county highway committee or any other appropriate branch of local government.

Members & Terms

Pursuant to 83.013, Wis. Stats., a traffic safety commission is required to have at least the following nine members:

  1. The county highway commissioner or a designated representative
  2. The chief county traffic law enforcement officer or a designated representative
  3. The county highway safety coordinator, appointed by the County Executive
  4. An education representative, appointed by the County Executive
  5. A medical representative, appointed by the County Executive
  6. A legal representative, appointed by the County Executive
  7. A division of state patrol representative, designated by WisDOT
  8. A highway traffic engineering representative, designated by WisDOT
  9. A traffic safety representative, designated by WisDOT (Bureau of Transportation Safety, Regional Program Manager)

The County Executive may appoint additional people to serve as members of a county traffic safety commission. This could include elected officials, representatives from citizen organizations and other civic leaders concerned with traffic safety, news media representatives and county highway committee members. 

The length of terms for members, appointed by the County Executive, shall be determined by the County Executive. At the present time, members serve 3-year terms.