Active Communities Committee


The Active Communities Committee (formerly the Multi-Use Trail Committee) meets on an as-needed basis. Please contact Andy Buehler at 857-1892 to determine the next meeting date.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings.

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The Active Communities Committee consists of representatives from local governments, local community representatives, key stakeholders and various interested parties from the cycling community:

Kenosha County Staff
Clement Abongwa
Matthew Collins
Andy Buehler
Luke Godshall
Patricia Shumaker
Stacey Wians

City of Kenosha Staff
Mike Callovi
Kris Kochmann

Kenosha Police Department
Joseph Labatore

Village of Pleasant Prairie Staff
Sandro Perez

Village of Twin Lakes
Kevin Fitzgerald

Leah Blough
Brian Boehm
Carol Boehm
Kendra Buchanan
Leslie Cameron
Erin Donaldson
Thomas Harland
Mark Maurer
Stan Rosenstiel
Ralph Ruffalo
David Spiegelberg


The Active Communities Committee is part of Healthy People Kenosha County 2020. It was formed as a result of a recommendation of the "Comprehensive Bike Plan For Kenosha County 2025." This plan was approved in July 2013 and established a permanent bicycle advisory committee. 

The Active Communities Committee’s purpose is to coordinate and plan for bicycling to be an accessible, safe, healthy, practical and viable form of transportation and recreation in Kenosha County.