Frequently Asked Questions About CCS

Does this cost anything?

The CCS program is covered by Medicaid/Forward Health. 

The Kenosha County Behavioral Health Resource Center can help adults connect with Medicaid and other community resources; call 262-764-8555. For help with youths, contact Families First at 262-605-6599.

Will my information be shared with the courts/probation or parole officers/DCFS workers?

The CCS program abides by all privacy and confidentiality laws.

What is service facilitation?

Service facilitation consists of assessing consumer needs, identifying and developing recovery goals and implementing appropriate services. Your service facilitator will also monitor the effectiveness of services during your time in the program.

How can the service facilitator help me?

The service facilitator can help with your identified goals and interventions identified through the assessment and service plan. This may include support in connecting to a variety of providers, such as a psychotherapist, medication prescriber, individual skills worker or peer support.

The service facilitator can also help support the consumer with individual goals. This could be maintaining mental and physical health, utilizing healthy coping skills, medication compliance, obtaining healthy support systems and/or other identified goals relating to mental health stability and community living.

Will the service facilitator find me a place to live?

No. The service facilitator can assist the consumer in connecting to resources that support the consumer’s housing needs, such as help signing up for a section 8 voucher and/or provide information about potential apartments in their price range.

Is the program mandatory?

No. The CCS program is a voluntary program, and participation is solely at the discretion of the consumer. Consumers who are enrolled in CCS should be willing to engage in services to help meet their identified needs.