Kenosha County Veterans Memorial Park Advisory Committee


Veterans Honor Plaza at Kenosha County Veterans Memorial ParkTo advise on the creation of Kenosha County Veterans Memorial Park to honor service members, past and present.


To provide a place of reflection and healing for service members and their loved ones.


  • Transparency
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Focus
  • Purposely driven
  • Commitment


Executive Committee

  • Dirk Debbink - Retired U.S. Navy, Vice Admiral
  • James Mukoyama - Retired U.S. Army, Major General
  • Mary Kolar - Retired U.S. Navy, Captain
  • Dennis Elverman - Retired County Board Supervisor

Advisory Members

  • James Schmidt (Chair) - U.S. Navy, Vietnam Veteran
  • Thomas Visintainer (Vice Chair) - Retired U.S. Army Reserve, OEF Afghanistan
  • Phillip Allen - U.S. Navy, Vietnam Veteran
  • Jennifer Blasi - U.S. Army, Gulf War Veteran
  • Carl Bogar - U.S. Marine Corps/Army, Gulf War Veteran
  • Bradley Behling - Retired U.S. Air Force, CMSgt, Gulf War Veteran
  • Steven Chalmers - U.S. Marine Corps/Army, Gulf War Veteran
  • Jack Gibbons - Retired U.S. Army, LT Colonel, Gulf War Veteran
  • Derrell Greene - Retired U.S. Army, LTC, Gulf War Veteran
  • Robert Livingston - U.S. Marine Corps/Army, Vietnam Veteran
  • Donald Lynch - U.S. Air Force, Gulf War Veteran
  • George Stoeber - Retired U.S. Navy, LT, Gulf War Veteran
  • Jim Zeszutek - U.S. Navy, Peacetime Veteran