Reproductive Health Services

Kenosha County Reproductive Health Services (

We offer quality, affordable, and confidential reproductive and sexual health care, so you have the power over your own health! 

Am I eligible to schedule a visit? I am worried about the cost.

Anyone can schedule a visit. Our services are offered at low or no cost. We do not require insurance.

Who will know about my visit?

Your health care information cannot be shared with anyone without your permission unless there is a concern about your safety. It is always best to involve a parent or trusted adult in your health care, but we know that is not always possible. If you can’t talk to a parent or trusted adult, you CAN talk to us.

What if I don’t have my own transportation?

Our Job Center Clinic is conveniently located on Kenosha Area Transit bus routes 2 and 3.

You can also call us at 262-605-6770 to talk about other ways we can help you get to either location (Job Center or Clinic-West).

What kind of appointments can I book?

Wellness Exam

Recommended yearly, a wellness exam is an important way to be in control of your health. We look at your overall health and talk about ways to keep all of your body healthy. We will also answer any questions or concerns you may have about your body. 

Here are important things that can happen during this visit: talking about how to stay safe if you are having or planning to have any kind of sex; discussing how you or your partner can prevent or plan for pregnancy; looking at your physical health; and screening for things like cervical cancer and depression.

Book a Wellness Exam Appointment

STI Testing/Treatment

If you are having any kind of sex or intimate contact, getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is an important way to protect your health.

Many STIs have no symptoms. Some can lead to serious health problems if not treated. All STIs are treatable, and many can be cured. Getting tested is quick, easy, and confidential.

Book an STI Testing/Treatment Appointment

Birth Control

We will explain the different birth control options available for you or your partner and help you decide what method will work best for you or your partner. Options include condoms, intrauterine devices, birth control implants, pills, the shot, vaginal rings, and fertility-awareness methods. Most options are available onsite, same day. Book a return visit if you need refills, are due for your birth control shot, or would like to try a new method. 

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Emergency Contraception or "Plan B"

Emergency contraception (EC) reduces the chance of unplanned pregnancy after those unexpected, unprotected moments. Common situations to use EC include forgetting to take several days of birth control pills in a row or a condom breaking. There are 2 types: the copper intrauterine device (IUD) and EC pills like "Plan-B." EC can be effective up to 5 days after an unprotected sexual encounter. 

Book an Emergency Contraception Appointment

Pregnancy Testing and Counseling

We will first confirm if you (or your partner) are pregnant. Then we will connect you with the right resources to support you and your partner, whether you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or would like to hear about ways to prevent pregnancy. 

Book a Pregnancy Testing and Counseling Appointment

Not sure what kind of appointment to schedule? 

You can call us at 262-605-6770, and we will help you. Walk-ins are always welcome, too!

What’s up with the new Kenosha County Public Health Clinic-West location?

The new West location offers many of the same services and testing as the Job Center Clinic in a convenient location for western Kenosha County residents. Our Clinic-West location is within the Kenosha Community Health Center at 903 S 2nd Street in Silver Lake. 

Appointments are conducted with the same trusted staff that you’ll see at the Job Center Clinic. Any questions you have will be answered by your nurse. If you need an additional consultation, our Nurse Practitioner will join your appointment remotely on a device within the private appointment room. 

Making an appointment at the Kenosha County Public Health Clinic-West location allows easy and fast access to high-quality care when you need it. Walk-ins are always welcome.

I want to do my own research before I schedule an appointment. What are some reputable sources?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has all the current facts, figures and details about STIs. You can look up symptoms, treatments and ways to prevent infection.

TeensHealth aims to provide tools, such as doctor-reviewed information on hundreds of physical, emotional and behavioral health topics, for both teens and parents.

The Mayo Clinic is a widely respected source of health information. You can look up symptoms and treatments and research more information about reproductive health.

What should I expect when arriving?

Job Center Clinic


Clinic-West Location


Kenosha County Reproductive Health Services (What's up down there?)