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About Kenosha County Trails

Kenosha County offers a vast network of pedestrian and bicycle friendly trails for residents and visitors, from hiking trails, multi-use trails, and purpose-built mountain bike trails to paved pathways. The County manages 16 miles of paved pathways, 23 miles of multi-use and hiking trails, and 13+ miles of purpose-built mountain bike trails.

Kenosha County trails accommodate all abilities. Sustainable trail design is a leading factor to ensure that trails can be maintained with minimal adverse effects on the environment. Strategic trail design incorporates long-range plans to connect communities with key destinations throughout Kenosha County and neighboring municipalities. 

Rules of the Trails

Pedal Assist Electric Bikes & Motorized Wheelchairs: Pedal assist electric bikes and electric handicapped mobility vehicles are permissible on paved pathways and multi-use trails with a maximum speed of no more than the posted speed limit or 20 MPH. Pedal assist Class 1 electric mountain bikes are permissible on purpose-built mountain bike trails with a maximum speed of no more than the posted speed limit or 20 MPH. County ordinance 10.07 (3)

Mountain Bikes: Mountain bikes are permissible to be used within a Kenosha County Park, with the exception of hiking trails.

Dogs on Leash: Dogs are permissible on trails with up to a 10-foot leash. Dog owners are responsible for immediately cleaning up and properly disposing of dog feces. (County ordinance 10.07 (9))

Purpose-Built Mountain Bike Trail Guidelines