Families First

Kenosha County Department of Human Services (KCDHS) Wraparound Program

Welcome to the KCDHS wraparound program for families with children experiencing severe emotional disabilities. This innovative program is under the umbrella of the KCDHS Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and in partnership with the Professional Services Group (PSG). Families First is designed to provide families with the needed support services which keep them intact, prevent out-of-home placements, and improve educational opportunities for children.


Families First embraces the values of treating youth and their caregivers as equal partners, designing services around family strengths (not just their needs), and developing individualized services around each families unique situation. Families First is a program that believes parents know what they need and want to become a happy, successful, functioning family. 

Families First works with youth and their caregivers to provide the support they desire to become self-sufficient, effective and successful in raising their children. The more parents are involved in the service delivery process, the more individualized and successful those services can be to the family.

Families First believes that a team approach to developing services can best serve families in Kenosha County. This team approach includes both formal (teachers, social workers, therapists) and informal (clergy, friends, relatives) supports as well as parents and children as integral members of the care management process.

Families First is committed to the belief that the best way to care for families in need is to draw from the families' strengths and incorporate those strengths into an effective and measurable individualized service plan. The implementation of this plan will result in an improved quality of life, a reduction in children being separated from their parents, and overall an increase in the contributions that children and parents make to our community.

For more information, contact:

To inquire about referrals please contact:

Email Deb McGrain, Referral Program Coordinator
Phone: 262-697-4676

Email Megan Morgan, Director
Phone: 262-697-4758

Email Sophia Kipp, Program Coordinator
Phone: 262-697-4532

Email Michelle Wright-Strobel, Clinical Program Manager
Phone: 262-605-6571