Medicaid Transportation

Program Information

Medicaid Transportation, funded by Federal and State tax dollars, is a component of the Title 19 Medicaid Assistance Program. Federal regulations require that State Medicaid programs ensure that Medicaid recipients, without transportation resources of their own, have access to transportation resources in order to obtain Medicaid-covered services. Medicaid Transportation is an available resource to most Medicaid recipients in need of this service.

How to Schedule

Individuals who are either ambulatory or use a wheelchair and require a vehicle equipped with a lift/ramp and who are covered by Wisconsin Medicaid, BadgerCare Plus (Standard or Benchmark Plan), BadgerCare Plus (Express Enrollment for Pregnant Women), Family Planning Only Services, Tuberculosis-Related Only Services, Katie Beckett, Medical Assistance Purchase Plan (MAPP) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) should call MTM at 1-866-907-1493 to schedule and receive Medicaid Transportation services.

Individuals who are covered by Family Care, Family Care Partnership and PACE/IRIS should call their Family Care Office at 1-262-484-5070.

Individuals who have access to vehicles and can provide their own transportation may receive mileage reimbursement from MTM or Family Care, please contact them for more information. Or contact Member Services at 1-800-362-3002.

Note: Nursing homes are responsible to arrange and schedule rides for their patients.