Laboratory Services

About Our Lab

The laboratory develops and provides essential public health analytical services to the community. It supports all sections of the Division of Health with prompt, accurate test results.


To assist in safeguarding and maintaining public health, the laboratory provides the following services:

  • Analyzes evidence for law enforcement agencies for the presence of controlled substances
  • Analyzes blood specimens for law enforcement for the presence of alcohol
  • Analyzes urine specimens and other bodily fluids for the presence of controlled substances, drugs of abuse, and alcohol
  • Conducts chemical analyses of public and private water supplies to determine the presence of nitrates, coliform bacteria, and E. coli
  • Conducts chemical analyses of private water supplies to determine the concentration of fluoride in drinking water
  • Tests swimming pool and whirlpool water supplies for coliform bacteria
  • Tests swimming beaches and recreational water for E. coli bacteria
  • Performs diagnostic tests for STD screening programs
  • Performs blood lead testing for lead programs
  • Analyzes paint and pottery chips for the presence of lead
  • Performs spore tests for local businesses