Winter Maintenance

Highway Maintenance

The Kenosha County Division of Highways is responsible for all winter maintenance activities on I-94, state trunk highways, county trunk highways and roads in the Towns of Paris, Brighton, Wheatland and Randall. All services completed by Kenosha County on I-94, state trunk highways and town roads are on a contractual basis and under the direction of each jurisdictional authority.

The following are miles of highways that Kenosha County maintains:

  • I-94 (including frontage roads): 12 Miles
  • County trunk highways: 262 Miles
  • State trunk highways: 134 Miles
  • Town roads: 71 Miles

Winter Maintenance Activities

Winter maintenance activities generally consist of plowing and salting roads during snow / ice conditions. The goal of winter maintenance is to make roadways safe within the limitations of resources. Motorists can expect some inconvenience during snow / ice events and should modify their driving.

Plowing is the primary means of snow removal. De-icing agents (salt) is used principally to keep snow and ice from bonding to the pavement, which in turn facilitates clearing the pavement after the storm. A pro-active approach to winter maintenance involves anti-icing. Anti-icing involves applying a liquid anti-icing agent (magnesium chloride) and/or pre-wetted salt to the pavement prior to predicted precipitation events.

Plowing Plans

Prior to each winter season, the Division of Highways develops a plowing plan. Plowing sections are developed in an effort to produce the most efficient and cost effective operation. The following are maps for the current winter season: