Evacuation & Sheltering in Place

Plan to Evacuate or Shelter-in-Place

During a chemical spill / release or hazmat incident, you may be told to evacuate your home or shelter-in-place (PDF). Notification to evacuate or shelter in place may come via the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) all-hazards weather radio, local radio, TV, vehicle loudspeaker and/or door-to-door by law enforcement or a fire department. If you are told to evacuate, remain calm and follow all instructions.

Kenosha County Emergency Management, the Kenosha County Department of Human Services, the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and other organizations and volunteers may establish and operate community-based shelters for local residents in public schools, recreation centers or other appropriate facilities. People needing shelter are asked to bring blankets, pillows, a change of clothing, bathing and sanitary supplies, pre-filled prescriptions and other medical needs, such as dentures, eye care materials and special dietary supplies or requirements.

If you are advised to Shelter in Place, follow this easy Shelter in Place instructional so you will know what to do and how you can prepare.

Chemical Spill Guidelines

If you are told to shelter-in-place, stay indoors and make your environment as isolated as possible from the outdoors. To isolate you and your family from a dangerous outdoor event like a chemical spill, follow these guidelines:

  • Close blinds, shades and drapes and stay away from windows
  • Close doors, windows and fireplace dampers
  • Get family and pets inside
  • Go either to an upper or lower interior room with the fewest windows and doors, as directed
  • If fumes seep into the room, breathe through wet cloths held to the nose and mouth
  • Remain in the room and listen to your NOAA all hazard weather radio, your local radio station or television until you are told all is safe and you are able to evacuate
  • Turn off air conditioners, fans, heating units and other vents
  • Wet towels and jam them in the crack under the doors