Checklist for Acceptance of Documents

Checklist for Acceptance of Documents to be Recorded s59.43(2M)

Document format must include the following:

  • A completely blank space of at least three by three inch in the upper right hand corner.
  • Minimum one inch margin at the top of each page, 1/4 inch margin on sides and bottom of the first page.
  • Paper must be white standard 20# weight paper, standard or legal sized pages, and no hinged pages.
  • The document title must be within three inches of the top of the document.
  • The return address is located either under the three by three inch blank space on the right or on the left near the top of the document.
    • Please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope for return.
  • Valid parcel I.D. number required directly below the return address.

The title, grantor, grantee, return address and legal description must be legible and reproducible (printed or typewritten).

  • All ink must be black or red, except for original signatures.

A valid legal description is required if the document refers to a specific parcel of land except for utility easements, which are exempt.

All documents that reference a previously recorded instrument must indicate the recording data of that instrument.

  • Only one mortgage may be referenced per document.

Original signatures must be authenticated by an attorney or notarized with a valid commission date.

  • Execution date and date acknowledged or authenticated required.

The name of the individual who drafted the document must be given on the document if it relates to a real estate interest s.59.43(5) This does not apply to instruments executed or acknowledged outside of Wisconsin, or dated before May 9, 1957.