Land Information

Wheat Field in Kenosha County

The Land Information Office of Kenosha County was created in accordance with chapter 59.72(3) of the Wisconsin State Statutes. The principal function of the office is to interpret legal descriptions on recorded documents and make the necessary changes to the real estate roll for assessment and taxation purposes. The information maintained is used to generate assessment notices and tax bills. The functions of the office are directed through chapter 70.09 of the Wisconsin State Statutes.

Additional duties include address assignment for all town properties per chapter 6 of the Kenosha County Municipal Code (PDF), housing and indexing of surveys required to be filed by surveyors per state statute 59.45(1)(b) and supplying land division data for updating computerized mapping.

The information changed is reflected on the property inquiry and interactive mapping applications on the Kenosha County website. The information is utilized by the public, appraisers, attorneys, surveyors and other real estate professionals.