K9 Patrol

The Sheriff’s Department reintroduced the K9 units in 2005 after a 30-year absence.

As of June 2017, Deputy John Lanctot is the handler of K9 Fritz and is assigned to second shift patrol. Deputy Matt Kasulke is the handler of K9 Arlo and is assigned to 3rd shift patrol. Since September of 2014, K9 Riggs and his handler Deputy Terry Tifft have been assigned to first shift patrol. The newest additions came in 2022, with K9 Riv assigned to Deputy Jon Booth on 2nd shift patrol, and K9 Ludo assigned to the Kenosha County Detention Center with Direct Supervision Officer Chad Loesch. All of the K9 units are valuable assets to our department.


The K9s live at home with their handlers and are on call 24 hours a day as the needs of the department dictate. Each handler is assigned a specially equipped K9 vehicle with a dog kennel in the back seat. The dogs are "dual purpose" K9s capable of:

  • Detecting drugs
  • Protecting their handler
  • Searching for suspects or missing people
  • Tracking

All five K9s were purchased from TOPS K9 facility in Grayslake, Illinois. Each K9 team went through an intensive eight-week training course at TOPS. The long hours and training were worth it. Each team is providing top-notch service to the citizens and other police agencies of Kenosha County.


Deputy John Lanctot and K9 Fritz

Lanctot and Fritz

Deputy Terry Tifft and K9 Riggs

tifft and bax

Deputy Matt Kasulke and K9 Arlo

Kasulke and Arlo

Deputy John Booth and K9 Riv

Deputy Jon Booth and K9 Riv

DSO Chad Loesch and K9 Ludo

DSO Chad Loesch and K9 Ludo

For more information on the K9 Patrol Units, please contact the Sheriff’s Department by calling 262-605-5100.