Dog Park Tags & Fees

Required Documents

Two dogs playingAll visitors to the Kenosha County dog parks need to either purchase an annual dog park tag or pay a daily fee to use any of the three county off-leash dog parks.

You can now pay your annual and daily dog park tag fees online! Pay here.

To purchase an annual dog park tag, dog owners need to complete an application form (PDF) and present:

  • Either a Kenosha County dog license, or if not from Kenosha County, a dog license from their municipality
  • Proof of rabies vaccination

Dog Park Tag Fees

Dog park tag fees are as follows:

Kenosha County residents (anyone owning property and paying taxes in Kenosha County)$20
Seniors (60 years old and older) and disabled individuals who are residents of Kenosha$10
Non-resident Seniors and persons with disabilities$15
For homes with multiple dogs with up to three dogs per applicantadditional $5 per dog
Replacement fee for misplaced dog tags$5

Upon purchase, a dog tag will be issued that should be worn on the dog’s collar while in the dog parks.

Where to Purchase a Dog Park Tag

Annual dog park tags can be purchased online or through your local municipality:

Please note, municipalities may charge a $2 administration fee.

Daily Fees

For those who do not wish to purchase a dog park tag, a daily fee of $3 for Kenosha County residents and $6 for non-residents can be paid at each dog park. 

Daily fee envelopes and collection boxes can be found at the entrance of each dog park. Visitors are expected to keep a tear-off tab from the envelope on them while using the dog parks.

All fees are used to maintain and improve the dog parks.