Planning & Development

ATTENTION: To better serve you, scheduled appointments are required to see all Planning & Development staff in person.

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Zoning / Permitting
Septic Systems
Mapping / GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
Land Development
Housing Programs

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Kenosha County Planning and Development Division to provide professional, customer-centered services to residents and organizations pursuing individual and community development goals while ensuring the balance of our community’s economic advancement with protection of the natural environment by pursuing the following ideals:

  • Selective Technological Application: We are committed to investigating, recommending and implementing technology to enhance staff productivity, increase access to public information and improve customer service.
  • Digital Mapping: We will work to ensure all mapping and related data bases are accurate and readily available for effective public analytical use in assessing potential residential and commercial development of Kenosha County.
  • Balance of Competing Interests: We are committed to developing, maintaining and enforcing ordinances/administrative rules that strike a balance between property development, protection of natural resources and the common good of all of our community’s residents.
  • Advancement of the County’s Comprehensive Plan: We will work to ensure the County’s Comprehensive Plan is maintained as a "living" document and to advance its goals and objectives.
  • Promote Inter-Governmental Coordination and Collaboration: We are committed to assist all County municipalities in collaborative activities that leverage resources for our community’s common good and provide the technical support necessary in coordinating planning/development activities.
  • Public Education: We are committed to being a comprehensive resource for information critical to the high quality development of Kenosha County and the simultaneous protection of our community’s natural environment.

The Kenosha County Division of Planning and Development provides services that encourage the use of natural resources in a planned and orderly manner, utilize technology to ensure the efficient/accurate communication of technical land-use information, improve our local economy and advance the common good of the citizens of Kenosha County.

Set Up an Appointment

If you are planning to visit our office, we encourage you to call ahead for information or to schedule an appointment, so that we can better serve you related to your project.