New Residential Construction

New residents looking at their new home under construction


You want to construct a new single-family residence.


The permitting process for new home construction is designed to ensure compliance with the Kenosha County General Zoning and Shoreland / Floodplain Zoning Ordinance. A zoning permit must be issued prior to receiving a building permit from your local town building inspector.


It is recommended that you meet with county development staff prior to submitting your zoning permit application. We will discuss the basics of your application including sanitation, access, building design and building setback requirements.

You must submit your zoning permit application, stake-out survey, and construction drawings including floor plan layouts and elevation drawings along with the appropriate fee(s). These fees are based on the Kenosha County Department of Planning and Development Fee Schedule (PDF).

Procedures & Documents

Ordinance Requirements

Ordinance requirements vary for new home construction. They depend on the zoning district classification of the property, special plat restrictions and/or covenants. They also depend on the type and proximity of any environmental assets, such as water bodies, wetlands and floodplains.


You can anticipate that the review of your zoning permit application will take approximately seven to ten working days. This is dependent on whether the application documents contain all pertinent information in relationship to the requirements for your proposal.