Stormwater Management

Flooded Area of a FieldWhen

A stormwater permit shall be required for all proposed land development activity that meet any of the following:

  • The land is a subdivision plat
  • Any land development activity that may ultimately result in the addition of 0.5 acres or greater of impervious surfaces or that may result in land disturbing activity of one acre or greater
  • The project Involves the construction of any new public or private road
  • Is a land development activity, regardless of size, that Department of Planning and Development determines is likely to cause an adverse impact to an environmentally sensitive area or other property
  • The process in obtaining a certificate of compliance may also require such review


To minimize water pollution, flooding and other negative impacts of urbanization on downstream water resources (lakes, streams, wetlands and groundwater) and property owners. Goals are aimed to control soil erosion and sedimentation during construction and manage the discharge of storm water after development.


Typically, the stormwater review process is initiated in conjunction with any site plan review, platting or CSM review. If a pre-conference meeting is not required it is recommended that you meet with county development staff to review your proposed development and discuss the stormwater review process.

You must submit a complete stormwater plan and the appropriate fee based upon the Kenosha County Division of Planning and Development fee schedule. A separate fee submittal is required with each successive submittal of additional stormwater information. You should be aware that once the stormwater and finished grading plan is implemented an as-built stormwater facilities review/grading certification and fee must be submitted for approval.

Procedures, Requirements & Checklists


You can anticipate that the stormwater review process will take approximately six to eight weeks upon submittal of a completed stormwater plan. Each additional submittal will take approximately six to eight weeks.