Septic Systems

Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems & Permitting

Mound private onsite wastewater treatment system with a body of water in the background

In the above photo, you see a mound private onsite wastewater treatment system (POWTS) in the foreground and a picturesque body of water in the background. Siting of this particular mound system had been accomplished with relative ease. Not because of the existing visible water table elevation, but by what gets left behind in the soil when the soil begins to dry out.

There is approximately 10 feet of elevation change from the water surface to the ground surface at the base of this POWTS. The seasonal water table occurs 8.5 feet above this lake's surface. Determining where the range of that fluctuating water table exists is critical to accurately determine the type of POWTS to be installed on any given property.

Preserving Resources

POWTS separation from the seasonal or permanent water table is crucial to preserving our water resources. It is the primary purpose for following the statewide guidelines developed for the proper siting, installation and management of private onsite wastewater treatment systems.

The Kenosha County Department of Planning and Development is a designated agent for the State of Wisconsin's POWTS program. As an agent, the department has the authority to manage all aspects of the POWTS program within Kenosha County.

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