Holding Tank Maintenance

Submitting Service Event Report Data

All owners of holding tank Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS) are required to submit to Kenosha County a history of maintenance when a service event has occurred and upon request when necessary.

Most often, the wastewater pumping companies (service providers) will submit service event report data to Kenosha County via the Kenosha County Sanitary Maintenance Portal as a convenience to their customers. Not all pumping companies provide this service. You should check with your service provider to find out if this will be done for you.

Missed Service Event Report Data

Sometimes, service event report data may be missed by the service providers, who usually submit it after event completion. After all data entry has been entered into our maintenance database, a letter notifying the affected owners for whom Kenosha County has not received service event report data is sent. This informs them that they need to contact their service provider and have them submit the maintenance data as required if a service event has occurred within the calendar year. If a service event has not occurred within the calendar year in question, the property owner is required to provide to the county information in writing why a service event has not occurred.

Notice of Delinquent Service Event Data Reports

Usually, a single notice to the property owner regarding the delinquent report form is sufficient to get the correction made. If the first notice of delinquency isn’t sufficient, a second notice is sent. After the expiration of the second notice period, if service event report data has not been received by this department, corrective measures will have to be taken to obtain compliance.