Certified Survey Maps

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A certified survey map (minor land division) application is required for any division of land that: 

1. Creates at least 2 but not more than 4 parcels or building sites, inclusive of the original remnant parcel, any one of which is less than 35 acres in size, by a division or by successive divisions of any part of the original parcel within a period of 5 years.

2. Divides a block, lot, or outlet within a recorded subdivision plat into at least 2 but not more 4 parcels or building sites, inclusive of the original remnant parcel, without changing the exterior boundaries of said plat or the exterior boundaries of blocks within the plat, and the division does not result in a subdivision.

For the purpose of this Ordinance and in accordance with Sections 236.015(12)(bm) and 236.34(1)(ar) of the Statutes, a minor land division also includes a division of land into 6 or fewer parcels or lots, not including out lots, that may be created by a certified survey map for land zoned commercial, industrial, or mixed-use development (land in a B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5, BP-1, B-94, M-1 or M-2 zoning district).


To promote the wise use, development, conservation, and protection of the soil, water, wetland, woodland, and wildlife resources. To achieve a balanced relationship between land use and development and the supporting and sustaining natural resource base. To protect the public health, safety, aesthetics and general welfare of citizens of the county.


The Kenosha County Land Division Ordinance (PDF) requires the filing of a certified survey map (CSM) in accordance with Section 236 of the Wisconsin State Statutes.

A pre-conference meeting is required with County development staff and town officials. We will review a sketch plan or concept plan and discuss the stormwater review process prior to submitting a certified survey map.

You must submit a completed Kenosha County Development Application (PDF) with your certified survey map. You may also be required to submit a Stormwater and Erosion Control Plan and the appropriate fee based upon the Kenosha County Department of Planning and Development Fee Schedule

Once the stormwater and finished grading plan is implemented, an as-built stormwater facilities review/grading certification and fee must be submitted for approval.



You can anticipate the certified survey map review process to take approximately four to eight weeks after the formal submittal of a completed development application. This process may take longer if your certified survey map or associated rezoning application is tabled at the town level or if additional information is required.

You can anticipate that the stormwater review process will take approximately six to eight weeks upon submittal of a completed stormwater plan. Each additional submittal will take approximately six to eight weeks.