Bicycle Facilities Planning

Kenosha County Comprehensive Bike Plan

Completing a comprehensive bike plan for Kenosha County was one of the recommendations of the Multi-Jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan for Kenosha County 2035, which was completed in May of 2010. That same year County staff applied for and was awarded funding under the State Transportation Enhancement/Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program to prepare a comprehensive bicycle plan for Kenosha County. 

In the fall of 2011, the County completed a selection process to determine which consultant would prepare the Comprehensive Bike Plan. Alta Planning and Design partnered with the Wisconsin Bike Federation and were selected to write the plan. Contracts were signed in March of 2012 with the kick-off meeting on May 15, 2012.

The County Executive created a steering committee, Comprehensive Bicycle Facilities Planning Committee, consisting of representatives from the County’s local municipalities, Kenosha County, staff and selected stakeholders from Kenosha County with an interest in the planning and development of Kenosha County’s bicycle routes. The committee was charged with creating a multi-jurisdictional planning document (A Comprehensive Bicycle Plan for Kenosha County: 2025) that would contain a recommended bikeway network, create recommended policies and programs for advancing education, encouragement, equity and evaluation of bicycle facilities as well as creating a recommended implementation plan. 

The committee met multiple times; culminating in a Public Informational Meeting held to provide outreach and receive direct public comment in October of 2012. The plan was finalized and presented to the County Board for approval on July 2, 2013.

The overall vision of the plan was put forward as follows:
In the future, bicycling in Kenosha County will be an accessible, safe, healthy, practical and viable form of transportation and recreation. The bicycle network will provide convenient connections between communities, places of employment, Parks, schools, recreation areas, retail establishments, and other popular destinations.

The plan's timeframe takes into consideration the planning horizon of 2025 and recognizes that some projects require significant planning, especially off-street corridors, and may not feasibly be constructed within this timeframe. The plan is a living document, not static, and will change to respond to new challenges and opportunities as they arise. The project list and phasing will be frequently reviewed (every 5 years is recommended) to ensure they reflect current priorities and opportunities for the County.

Key to the plan is the recommended bikeway network (view the map (PDF)). This bikeway network will result in a county where biking for transportation and recreation is an everyday, safe activity that is enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

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