Housing Programs

Assistance With Housing

The Kenosha County Housing Authority (KCHA), with staff assistance from the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC), operates in an effort to conserve, rehabilitate, and improve property owned or occupied by low and moderate-income residents in Kenosha County, outside of the City of Kenosha. 

The KCHA has secured funding, and continues to seek out new funding from a variety of Federal and State sources to offer the following programs:

Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program to For Homeowners

No-interest (0%), deferred payment home improvement loans for homeowners.

Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program to For Rental-Unit Property Owners

No-interest (0%), installment loans for residential investment property owners.

Homestead Opportunity Loan Program

No-interest (0%), deferred payment loans to renters to assist with the purchase of a home.

Fox River Flood Mitigation Program

A program to acquire and demolish residential structures and relocate displaced residents from the 1% annual probability (100-year) floodplain of the Fox River.