Fox River Flood Mitigation Program

Houses being flooded by the Fox RiverProtection From Floods

The Fox River Flood Mitigation Program is intended to reduce flood damage and the potential for injury to affected persons by acquiring and demolishing residential structures and relocating displaced residents from the 1% annual probability (100-year) floodplain of the Fox River.

All acquired dwellings are demolished and the property is placed in permanent open space.

The project area for this program is the 100-year floodplain of the Fox River within the Town of  Wheatland and the Village of Salem Lakes in the west-central part of Kenosha County.

The purpose of the program is to reduce the threat to the health and safety of area residents and rescue workers resulting from the frequent and severe flooding of the Fox River. A secondary goal of the program is the removal of blighted and hazardous dwellings.

Program Area Overview Map (PDF)