Press Release

Gypsy Moth Press Release

Release Date: Immediately
Daniel Treloar
Phone: 262-857-1895

Aerial Spraying to Control Gypsy Moth Planned for Kenosha County, Public Meeting Scheduled.

BRISTOL, WI - Aerial spraying to control gypsy moth caterpillars has been proposed for Kenosha County this spring in order to reduce gypsy moth populations and prevent the caterpillars from defoliating trees in the treatment areas. The spraying will be coordinated through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Gypsy Moth Suppression Program.

There are 12 treatment areas in Kenosha County scheduled for an aerial spray treatment this spring, including:

  • (4) Village of Pleasant Prairie near 107th Street at 63rd Avenue, Cooper Road at 80th Street and 71st Street, and Carol Beach Estates
  • (3) Town of Bristol along CTH "U" just north of the state line
  • (2) City of Kenosha near 55th Street at 39th Avenue, and 35th Street at 22nd Avenue
  • (1) Village of Twin Lakes along, CTH "EM" and Grand View Lane
  • (1) Town of Salem along CTH "B" south of CTH "K"
  • (1) Town of Wheatland near 327th Avenue and 73rd Street

Treatment Method

A small, low-flying airplane will apply Foray, an insecticide made from the naturally occurring bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki, beginning early in the morning. ’Gypchek,’ a viral insecticide specific to gypsy moth caterpillars, will be used in areas where endangered butterflies or moths are found. The spraying will occur sometime between the middle of May and early June, depending on weather conditions, caterpillar development, and the geographic location within Wisconsin. Landowners and residents within the proposed treatment areas can request not to be sprayed by writing to Daniel Treloar, Department of Planning & Development, 19600 75th Street, Bristol, WI 53104. Objection requests must be received by February 27, 2009.

Public Information Meeting

Kenosha County has scheduled a public information meeting for all interested residents. Representatives from the Kenosha County Gypsy Moth Program and the Department of Natural Resources will be present to discuss the biology and control of the gypsy moth, and which areas of the county are proposed for treatment. The meeting will be held at the Kenosha County Center, 19600 75th Street, Bristol, WI in Hearing Room A, on February 11, 2009 at 6:00 pm. Questions from the public can be directed to Daniel Treloar at 262-857-1895.

The Gypsy Moth Threat

The gypsy moth is a serious forest and urban pest that was introduced into the United States from Europe in the 1860s. Within the past few years, populations in southeastern and central Wisconsin have increased to the point that the caterpillars may kill trees by eating all of their leaves during May and June. Aerial spraying will help reduce this damage and will help decrease the incredible number of caterpillars that can result during a period of high infestation. Caterpillars in high numbers can become a nuisance, ruining outdoor activities and increasing the chances of allergic reactions through the increased possibility of contact with the caterpillars.

Additional Information

If you’d like more information on gypsy moths or the suppression program, please visit the Department of Natural Resources Program website or the state’s cooperative gypsy moth website.