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1. What are your office hours and where are you located?
2. What is your office number and your office fax number?
3. What is the Parcel Identification Number(s) (PINs)?
4. How are parcel identification numbers, and assessment/tax information created and updated?
5. What is the legal description?
6. How long does it take to process documents and enter new splits?
7. Can you give me the new parcel number if I have the old parcel number?
8. Who is responsible for the taxes when property has been split?
9. If I purchase a split parcel will I receive a tax bill?
10. Why does it say “DEED IN ERROR” on my tax bill (or assessment notice)?
11. What do I do to combine parcels?
12. Who owns the property?
13. How often is ownership information updated?
14. Who and how do I inform someone of a change of mailing address?
15. Is a change of address reflected in the assessment notice and the tax billing?
16. How do I change my name on the tax bill (i.e. married name)?
17. How is the property changed into my name if I’m divorced?
18. How do I change the ownership into my name if my spouse is deceased?
19. How can I view tax map information?
20. Can I get a copy of the tax map?
21. What is the lot size or acreage?
22. How up to date is the tax map?
23. Who do I contact with parcel boundary questions?
24. Where can I get a plat book?
25. Where can I get an aerial photo of a tract of land?
26. Is there a survey of the property and how do I get a copy?
27. Does a survey automatically split a property?
28. Why isn’t there a survey on my property?
29. What is a metes and bounds description?
30. What is a CSM?
31. Who is the County Surveyor and what are his duties?
32. Where can I find monument tie sheets?
33. Where can I find control summary information?
34. How do I obtain an address for a new home?
35. Who names the streets and assigns addresses and what is the naming scheme?
36. What side of the street is an address located.
37. How can I find the location of an address?
38. Who is my assessor?
39. Where can I find pertinent information (age, size, # of bedrooms) for a home?
40. What is the assessed value of a property?
41. What is the date of the latest sales, the sales price, and recording information?
42. What was the transfer fee and how do I calculate the sales price from that?
43. What is the aggregate ratio for a municipality?
44. What is the Estimated Fair Market Value?
45. What school district is a property in?
46. What are the taxes and when are they paid?
47. Can I get a copy of the deed?
48. Are there any easements?
49. What is the zoning?
50. Is the property in a floodplain?
51. Where do I get a Condominium or Subdivision Plat?
52. Where do I vote and who are my representatives?