Digital Mapping Data

DATA PORTAL - Download Digital Data for FREE

Visit the Kenosha County Data Portal to access the Kenosha County digital datasets available for free download.

Digital Data for Purchase

FileData Element DescriptionPrice
Digitally Formatted Countywide Cadastral Map Package (Hydro and geodetic mapping included)Cadastral Elements$75.00
Digitally Formatted Countywide Topographic Map Package (Hydro and geodetic mapping included)Topographic Elements$75.00
Digitally Formatted Zoning Map Package (Hydro and geodetic mapping included) (county zoning jurisdiction only)Zoning Elements$75.00
MrSID Orthophotography File (countywide)N/A$75.00
LIDAR DatasetsN/AFree

All data packages are referenced to the Wisconsin State Plane Coordinate System – North American Datum of 1983 (2011).

Data Purchasing Agreements

All requesters of digital mapping data are required to sign a Kenosha County data purchasing agreement (PDF) prior to purchasing data. The agreement must be signed & returned to the Land Information Office at Once the agreement is received, data orders require 3-5 business days to fulfill. Future data orders require a new agreement be executed.

Data Formats

Vector and text map products are available in AutoCAD.dwg, ESRI.shp, or ESRI.gdb formats. One foot contours are available in either .dgn or ESRI geodatabase format. Orthophotography is available in LizardTech MrSID format only.

Data Delivery Options

Data order purchasers will be provided with a link to download the data unless requested otherwise.  There may be an additional charge for any alternative delivery method.

Tax Attribute Data

All mapping data orders above are for mapping data elements only. No tax attribute data is included within the cadastral mapping data layers. The cadastral mapping data does contain a standardized tax parcel ID attribute that can be used to link the map with a tax attribute data file. The tax attribute data file is available at no cost through the Kenosha County Data Portal at

To Place A Data Order

To order any of the above digital mapping data, please contact us at:

Kenosha County Land Information Office 
GIS Staff

Phone: (262)-653-2622
Email GIS