Three Medication Habits

3 medication habits to start graphic: discuss, secure, and dispose

The Kenosha County Substance Abuse Coalition invites you to start three medication habits: Discuss, Secure, and Dispose.

  1. Discuss
  2. Secure
  3. Dispose

Medication Habit: Discuss

Discussing treatment options with your healthcare provider and being an informed consumer is the first step. You are in charge of your healthcare. Prescription opioids (such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine, and morphine) are not right for everyone. They can have some very serious side effects. It’s OK to ask for more information about their recommendations before deciding which is the right choice for you or your loved one. 

Write your questions down or have them handy on your phone so you can take them with you to the doctor's office. If possible, bring along a friend or family member who can jot down notes, listen to the discussion, and ask questions.

Take control. You are in charge of your healthcare.

View the FAQs: Start Discussing.

About Prescription Opioids

For more information on prescription opioids, check out this video from the CDC.