Department of Human Services

Welcome to the Kenosha County Department of Human Services

It is our pleasure to present to you the Kenosha County Department of Human Services website. Members of the department created this site with the intention of finding ways to better serve the residents of Kenosha County. Please take some time to go through the various pages and see the wide variety of services that we offer. I hope that we have achieved our goal of providing useful and worthwhile information to the public.

Enjoy your virtual visit!

John Jansen

Mission Statement

To develop, coordinate and administer a comprehensive network of services to children, youth, families, the elderly and individuals striving to cope with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and alcohol and drug problems; to preserve and strengthen families, while protecting children from high-risk or abusive situations; to empower individuals and families to become law-abiding and economically self-sufficient; to assure the delivery of public health services necessary to prevent disease; to protect, promote and preserve a healthy citizenry and environment; to advise and assist military veterans; to provide high quality nursing home services to the elderly and medically disabled; to advocate on behalf of these constituencies on the local, state and national level.