Green Ribbon Committee

Mission Statement for the Green Ribbon Committee

The mission of the Kenosha County Green Ribbon Committee for KD Park Development is to identify the park’s component pieces, organize these pieces into a conceptual plan and make recommendations to the County Executive and County Board for the development of the KD Parklands. 

The committee’s activities are to be consistent with the vision of creating a park that simultaneously provides ecological, educational, economic and recreational value to the community by demonstrating, promoting and integrating globally-recognized sustainable-living practices.

Work Groups

The committee’s work groups perform the leg-work necessary for achieving this mission. The work groups will consist of a diverse mix of staff and community members organized as follows:

  • Sustainable Energy Technology Work Group - Gateway Technical College will lead this effort to identify the types of programming, staff and facilities that would be required to develop "sustainable technology" research/skills-training at the Park.
  • Sustainable-Living Community Education Work Group - UW-Extension will coordinate identifying the most effective types of community education programming that would enable our residents to adopt sustainable-living practices - and define the resources necessary to offer this training.
  • Sustainable Recreation Work Group - The County Parks Department will lead efforts to identify recreational features and activities that look beyond the "traditional" and focus on activities that encourage sustainable-living and enhance our community’s quality of life.
  • Funding Sources Work Group - This Work Group will consist of members of each of the other work groups and will focus on identifying potential funding sources for the Park’s proposed features/programming.

All of the committees and work group activities will be performed in a manner that recognizes the value of leveraging resources with inter-agency collaboration and private/public partnerships. Leveraging of assets - both human and capital - will be critical to the development of an effective conceptual blueprint for the park.