Election Results for 2/18/2014

Spring Primary Election


Last Updated: 2014-02-18 21:33:36
This election is currently Closed
(These Results are not Official)

Alderperson, District 6
5 Polls Reporting out of 5*
All votes have been counted

Dave Paff15247.5
Doug Williams9028.13
John Slanchik5717.81
Dan Shatkins216.56

Somers Town Supervisor 2
4 Polls Reporting out of 4*
All votes have been counted

Richard Heinisch20746.73
Joel Peterson18541.76
Peter M. Ress4810.84

Kenosha Unified School Board Member
96 Polls Reporting out of 96*
All votes have been counted

Jo Ann Taube203519.81
Gary J. Kunich193018.79
Mike Falkofske186518.16
Dan Wade177217.25
Robert A. Nuzzo132812.93
Michael Edward Kehoe131812.83

* Results from each poll are tallied from Ballots, Touch Screen Machines and Absentee Ballots. A poll will be counted as having reported results even if not all results from that polling place have been tabulated. When all the polling places have reported 100% of their results, the status of each race will change from ’This race is open’ to ’All votes have been counted’.