Goals & Objectives

  • Continue the process to improve and refine the office’s computer functions.
  • Constantly study and monitor county investments and banking functions to achieve maximum efficiency and return.
  • Look at ways to provide an even higher level of customer service to the citizens of Kenosha County.
  • Make preservation of principal the top priority when selecting investments for county funds.
  • Work with state Legislators on tax related issues to assure resolutions in the best interest of Kenosha County.
  • Work with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to assure implementation of the most effective and efficient methods of administering state prescribed programs.
  • Improve office functions to provide excellence in customer service to both internal and external customers.


  • Receipts and disburses all county funds and records all transactions in a timely manner.
  • Provides banking services and maintains banking accounts while accepting funds from all departments within the county and from the public. All funds are accounted for on a daily basis and a monthly proof of cash is done to confirm the accuracy of consolidated accounting procedures.
  • Administers all property tax laws, collects property taxes and completes the annual tax settlement with each of the county’s municipalities and with the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue.
  • State Statutes assign the Treasurer the responsibility of administering many statewide programs such as The Lottery and Gaming Credit, Unclaimed Funds, and the Tax Deed or In Rem processes used to take ownership of severely tax delinquent properties on behalf of the county.
  • Invests all available county funds. This involves, selecting investments that maintain the security of county funds while achieving maximum returns within guidelines set by the County Board, State Statutes, and the County’s investment policy.