Dog Park Rules


  • All dogs must have a Kenosha County Dog Parks tag or owner can pay a daily fee. Dog Parks tags are available at several locations (listed on the Tags and Fees page). The Dog Parks tag is valid for one year. No annual dog park tag shall be granted without a Kenosha County dog license or current license from the municipality where the dog is kept.
  • Pick up after your dog. All dog parks have disposal bags available.
  • Dogs must be kept on leash outside of the fenced area of the park. Do not keep your dog on leash once inside the dog park.
  • Always keep your eye on your dog and stay alert to your surroundings. Help us (and your dog) by controlling the environment at all times.
  • Not all dogs are good candidates for off-leash dog parks, if your dog is aggressive, they will not be allowed inside. Be prepared to leash up and leave immediately if your dog shows aggression.
  • Don't bring your dog if they’re unvaccinated. This leads to the rapid spread of diseases, some of which may be fatal.
  • If your dog is in heat, leave her at home. A dog in heat can cause male dogs to develop aggressive tendencies. 
  • Smoking, food, alcoholic beverages and glass containers are not permissible.
  • Water bowls cannot be brought inside the fenced area. This reduces the risk of diseases spread by sharing drinking water.
  • Take out what you bring in (e.g., tennis balls, Frisbees, water dishes, dog toys, etc).
  • Do not give treats to dogs that aren’t yours. Dogs may have allergies, be on a training plan or be on a special diet.
  • No children under the age of 18 are permitted unless accompanied by an adult.
  • There is the potential that your dog may be injured or may injure another dog while playing in the park. Kenosha County is not responsible for any injury or damage in the dog park.
  • All Park Ordinances apply. Enforced by Park, or Sheriff’s Department (262) 843-2371 or (262) 653-6600.

County ordinance 10.12 applies to all Kenosha County Dog Parks.

Please Note: The park rules were developed in coordination with Kenosha County Corporation Counsel and are enforceable by law.