I Want to Become a Provider for Comprehensive Community Services

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is intended to provide a wraparound model of care, assisting consumers of all ages and families in achieving success to live in their homes and communities. CCS helps with accessing housing and transportation services, as well as health, educational, vocational, social, spiritual and recreational resources. Treatment and other services, including natural supports and other available resources, are cost effective and efficient means of achieving positive consumer outcomes.

Area behavioral health providers are an essential part of recovery and are applicable to the success of CCS supportive services.

CCS requires that most mental health services, including outpatient services, are billed through CCS for enrolled individuals. To ensure appropriate reimbursement of your services for CCS consumers and maintain continuity of care, we encourage you to consider joining the CCS provider network in Kenosha County.

The CCS program requires that services are provided through specific service arrays detailed by Medicaid.  Please use the link below to review and determine which service arrays you intend to provide services within.  (You will need to click the “I Accept” at the bottom of the screen to get to the content about service arrays).

Online Handbook Display (wi.gov)

The reimbursement team can help answer any questions and get you started as a provider. Please email MAReimbursementTeam@kenoshacountywi.gov or Katie Hanks, 262-697-4648.

The Kenosha County CCS Program reserves the right to accept or deny any new provider request to join the CCS provider network. Any new agency requesting to join the CCS provider network is required to provide verification of the specialty area in which the agency indicates they provide services.

Upon completion of passing the required credentials and background checks, training is also required. Training to get started (orientation) and ongoing training are mandatory and determined by your credentials and experience.