Holding Tank Plan Review


A holding tank plan review (PDF) must be done when a holding tank installation is being proposed for all buildings that are to be used for human habitation that will not be served by another Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (POWTS) or municipal sewer.

The Kenosha County Planning and Development Department has agent status for holding tank plan review for all proposed holding tanks that have a calculated design flow up to 3,000 gallons per day that are to be installed within this county where any building will be used for human habitation.

If all of the paperwork is in order and the application for sanitary permit with fees are with the holding tank plans, the sanitary permit can also be issued after the holding tank plan approval is completed.


To ensure that the POWTS design will meet the minimum State of Wisconsin Administrative Code requirements.


A State of Wisconsin licensed plumber must submit the required paperwork listed below under procedures for the Kenosha County Department of Planning and Development Staff to perform a holding tank review.

You can schedule an appointment for holding tank plan review by contacting our office and speak to one of our sanitarians about an appointment time available.


For all holding tank plan submittals three complete sets of plans that include all of the following must be submitted:

  • All plan paper size shall not exceed 11 inches by 17 inches
  • Anchoring - All holding tank submittals shall include the calculations regarding proper ballast and tank anchoring. It shall also include specifics as to how this will be accomplished
  • Copies of the completed Holding Tank Agreement - original should be on file with the county.
  • Copies of the completed Holding Tank Servicing Contract - original should be on file with the county.
  • Each page of the plans shall be signed, sealed and dated or an index page can be provided and bound to the plans that must be signed, sealed and dated
  • Holding tanks in floodplains must provide detailed drawings and information on flood proofing of the tank. The site plan must provide information regarding the 100 year flood elevation and an identifiable elevation reference point to determine the actual flood elevation on the property. Properties partially in the floodplain may need to have the 100-year flood elevation staked on the property and surveyed by a professional land surveyor
  • Management Plan for maintaining the holding tank
  • Plan review fee is $100 to be paid at the time of plan submittal and payable to: Kenosha County Planning and Development
  • Plot Plan - it is recommended that a Plot Plan be drawn to scale, showing lot/parcel dimensions. If not to scale, then completely dimensioned. Plot Plan shall include the following: permanent benchmark; north arrow; legal description; all required setbacks; existing and proposed structures; well locations (proposed, existing, and neighboring); tank location and building sewer connections; existing and proposed driveways, water service, swimming pools and water bodies.
  • Soil and Site Evaluation with an original signature or one on file with the county
  • Suction lines - Holding tanks being serviced by a suction line must provide detailed drawings and information regarding the installation of this component
  • System Sizing - Number of bedrooms on residences and/or detailed calculations for public facilities
  • Tanks - Provide a tank cross section detailing size and manufacturer information, vent and manhole locations, dimensions of the tank, depth of bury, depth to inlet, detail of high-water float and alarm, locking device, bedding of the tank, tank anchoring, and cathodic protection

State Sanitary Permit Application

The State (SBD) application for a sanitary permit can be included with your plan review submittal and the county will issue your permit as part of this procedure. Only one original permit application is required to be submitted along with payment of the sanitary permit fee and the recording fee to the register of deeds. All fees must be separate payments for the plan review, sanitary permit and recording fees.