All Terrain Vehicles

Snowmobile Enforcement Units

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department has created All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Snowmobile Enforcement Units. The ever-increasing popularity of these recreational vehicles created the need to enforce the regulations governing these vehicles.

The Kenosha Sheriff’s Department has acquired two ATVs and two snowmobiles to enforce state and municipal laws governing the operation of ATVs and snowmobiles.

Deputies assigned to these specialized units were chosen from a voluntary list of personnel who are willing to promote rider safety while enforcing the state and municipal laws. These specialized units provide the residents of Kenosha County the presence of law enforcement on the public and private trails.

Safety & Education

The Kenosha Sheriff’s Department will continue to offer rider safety and education classes to young riders. The ATV and Snowmobile Specialized Units provides the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department the means to locate lost riders, help the injured, assist stranded and/or disabled recreational vehicles and apprehend violators.

The benefits from these special units are still being realized. This is one of the unique times when law enforcement and recreation go hand in hand. The machines are leased from local community businesses at no cost.