Children with Disabilities

Your child may be experiencing needs with developmental milestones, physical, or emotional development. If you are seeking assistance for your child’s diagnosed needs, your family may be eligible for additional supports. 

We are open to starting a conversation with you about your child. Support for children, benefits you, and our community. If you are a Kenosha County resident with a child with a disability, please call us at: 262-605-6599. 

The conversation will help to establish if your child can access support through Comprehensive Community Services, Children’s Long-Term Support Program, Children’s Community Options Program, or other community programs. 

If your child does not have a diagnosis, and your child is beyond the age of three years, please contact your family doctor. You can call your insurance for help to identify area psychologists and physicians. This is the first step to help your child access supports and services. If your child is under the age of 3, please visit Birth to 3 or contact them at: 262-658-9570.