Asthma-Safe Homes Program

Kenosha County Asthma Safe Homes Program (cartoon asthma inhaler)

The Asthma-Safe Homes Program provides FREE asthma self-management education and home environmental walkthroughs to Medicaid-eligible children ages 2-18 years and pregnant women with poorly controlled asthma. 

The Asthma-Safe Homes Program  is offered to all Kenosha and Racine County residents.

Participants are gifted up to $1,000 in asthma-friendly cleaning supplies and durables upon completion of the program! This includes an asthma-friendly cleaning kit, a new vacuum, and an air purifier!

The goal is to reduce missed school or workdays, urgent care visits, emergency department visits, and hospitalizations due to asthma. 

Program Details

  • Two in-home or virtual sessions with a walkthrough 
  • Two follow-up calls
  • Self-management education by a trained asthma educator
    • Early warning signs and triggers
    • Asthma action plan review
    • Review of asthma medications and proper inhaler use

Home Environmental Walkthrough

  • Asthma triggers increase the risk of an asthma attack
  • Trained staff identify asthma triggers in the home and provide recommendations to help reduce triggers
  • Free asthma trigger reduction items may be provided
  • Common asthma triggers include:
    • Smoke
    • Mold
    • Pet dander
    • Dust mites
    • Pests

Who Would Benefit?

Anyone whose asthma causes:

  • Missed school or workdays
  • Emergency department visits
  • Hospitalizations
  • Urgent care visits

Kenosha County Asthma Safe Homes Program